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Since 2000, Quail Buildings in Hollister CA has been serving the entire US, with a special focus on California, Arizona, and Nevada as a metal building distributor. As the first distributor of VersaTube Buildings in California, we have the ideal solution for your specific needs. VersaTube offers "Slip-Fit" connections, self-tapping fasteners and easy to read installation drawings to make installing a carport or garage simpler than ever. Assemble your carport within hours or your garage within a weekend!Carport Storage

Metal carports can be used for so much more than basic vehicle storage. They are perfect for the outdoor protection of your vehicles, tools, equipment, feed, livestock, or any other valuable possessions. Contact us to learn more today.

Engineered Easy

The unique "Slip-Fit" design featured by VersaTube dramatically simplifies the installation process. It's a proprietary and patented swaging manufacturing process and framing system developed, engineered and owned by VersaTube Building Systems.

Strong and Durable SteelRV Cover

Our kits use a heavy-duty 2" x 3" rectangular and 2" x 2" square galvanized steel tubing with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 50,000 PSI (2"x 2") to a maximum of 65,000 PSI (2" x 3") for years of maintenance-free, rust-resistant performance.

Big for your RV or small for your Miata

Our Quail VersaTube open carports and enclosed carports are versatile enough for just about any practical application. The standard maximum spans up to 30 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Custom sizes are also available.

Triple Layer Protection

Our triple layer protection coat provides a smooth shiny solution unmatched in terms of strength and durability. It resists rust longer than any pre-galvanized or electroplated tubing product, in addition to termite and rot resistance.Metal Storage Facility

Top quality, All Steel Sheeting for An Attractive Finish

To give your Quail VersaTube carport or garage a long lasting, beautiful, sturdy appearance, 14 popular colors are available for the 26-gauge sheet metal panels. All fasteners have a pre-assembled rubber washer to reduce the chance of leakage and are painted to match the sheet metal.

Smooth Mandrel Bend

A mandrel bending system is used for a cleaner appearance without sacrificing strength or performance. This is stronger and more attractive than the common "crush bend."

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Service Areas Include: California, Arizona, Nevada